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  Yellow Aircraft San Diego Custom Building Service Now Available!

Enjoy these pics of a recent build we did on a Yellow Aircraft F/A-18 Hornet Twin KIT 



Short on time?  Like to fly, but not to build?  Would you like your jet kit or ARF assembled for you?  We now offer custom, very affordable 'Turn-Key' service for any jet kit or ARF.  Our prices are affordable and our work is top-notch.  We can build a kit from the ground up, or assemble your ARF and install all of your equipment for you.  Unlike the 'all-installed' ARFs assembled overseas, we use only top-shelf equipment and adhesives of YOUR CHOICE.  Everything is tested BEFORE it's shipped to you, so no more replacement or throwing away of sub-par cylinders--or getting to the field and wondering why your gear won't cycle, etc...

Best of all, you can track the progress of your job on our site as we upload your pics daily!

Call or email for a quote!




F/A-18C Twin (Pictured Above)


F-22 ARF

F-18 Single


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